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Products & Technologies


Defects review stations

Inspection and review stations for defects review, automated wafer handling for 6" and 8" wafers, free or map driven inspection, bin code re-classification

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Microscope Wafer Loaders

Microscope loaders with macro inspection. Graphical touch screen interface.
LASER mapping for very thin wafers. Up to 200 mm silicon, glass, sapphire wafers. TAIKO, through holes and bonded wafers

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UV Treatments

UV treatment systems for silicon wafers. UV dicing and grinding tape deactivation, UV - ozone cleaning, Memory erasure. Manual or automatic loading

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Probing Wafers

Thermocouple instrumented wafers for temperature probing in semiconductor production processes.
Different types and sizes of substrates. Maximum temperature from 250 to 1000 °C. K or T thermocouples

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CF End Effectors

Carbon fiber end effectors for wafer handling.
Available as spare parts for existing tools or for OEM applications. Extremely durable and reliable. Low cost of ownership. Versions for critical wafers available. Rapid prototyping service.

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Wide range of accessories for semiconductor manufacturing. Bright light inspection illuminators. Wafer handling wands. Vibration insulation tables for microscopes.

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Inspection systems

  • Silicon wafers production
  • Solar cells and flat panels inspection
  • LEDs manufacturing processes
  • Silicon foundries

Process monitoring

  • Oven monitoring
  • Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD)
  • Rapid Thermal Processing (RTP)
  • Rapid Thermal Annealing (RTA)
  • Post Exposure Bake (PEB)
  • Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD)
  • ION Implantation

OEM and spare parts

  • Robot wafer handling
  • Contamination free processing
  • Manual wafer handling
  • Handheld light inspection
  • Special tips for wafer tweezers
  • OEM
  • Replacements for ceramic and metal end effectors

Special software development

  • Integrated solutions for microscopes, wafers and frames inspection
  • Wafer map navigation software
  • Bin codes reclassification and defects reviewing
  • Customized graphical user interfaces
  • Measurement plug-in for wafer inspection
  • Data collection and defects documentation

Special handling systems

  • Special substrates handling (sapphire, glass, AsGa, Ceramic)
  • Handling automation for thin, stacked, bonded and Taiko wafers
  • Moving of frames for dicing
  • Extremely critical crystals


Semisyn is a division of Astel, an R&D company based in Ivrea, Italy.

Working on semiconductor manufacturing market since 1994, we have served the most important semiconductor and electronic components manufacturers for more than twenty years, all over the world.

Our products and services cover wafer handling, processing, spare parts and inspection systems, not only semiconductor manufacturing.

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